On The Banjo

Northwest song-slinger and strum-for-hire Jack Dwyer keeps everything five-string in this rolling sideshow of classic and original Americana – it’s Jack Dwyer, On The Banjo.

Though perhaps better known for his guitar and mandolin playing, Jack has been performing on the banjo in various roles for years, with musicians like Caleb Klauder and Reeb Wilms, The Canote Brothers, Joe Fulton, the Brother Cousins, and more.

A former teenage student of legendary banjo pioneer Bill Keith, Jack has found his own way on the instrument with a sound that draws from Keith, John Hartford, Danny Barnes, and guitar playing Travis pickers as well.

In 2023 he released Jack Dwyer On The Banjo, his first to feature the five string exclusively, in a collection of classic songs and original compositions.

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