Jack is a man of many hats – please reach out if you are interested in hiring him for any of the following:

Book A Band

You can hire Jack or one of his bands for your festival, concert hall, bar, workshop, private lesson, wedding, world tour, three ring circus, party, yard, living room, or sidewalk. Visit the “Bands” page for a complete list of Jack’s solo, duo, trio, and full band acts, along with press kits, photos, videos, and more.


Are you a musician yourself? Jack is available for all manner of sideman work. He has spent years performing and recording in various genres with some of the best in the business.

Music Licensing for Film & T.V.

Are you a filmmaker or videographer? Jack runs a licensing company called Horseshoe Music, that specializes in placing original and custom music in Film, T.V., and online videos with affordable rates for all types of projects. Through Horseshoe you can license all of Jack’s original music, as well as music by other independent musicians.

Workshops And Lessons

Jack has taught music almost as long as he’s played it, and he is available for in-person and remote online private lessons. Jack has also developed a number of popular workshop classes, which he has given to groups around the country. Whether you are a music student in search of some guidance, or a venue looking to host a workshop, please visit the School page for a full list of lesson and workshop offerings, along with a complete teaching resume.

Live Sound Tech / Studio Recording & Mixing

Jack also works as a sound engineer for live music events and studio recordings. He has worked as an independent contractor with various clubs, festivals, and arts organizations, including Centrum, and Wintergrass. From 2018-2020, he operated a recording space in Port Townsend, WA and currently has plans to reopen in the future.

Booking / Marketing

In addition to booking his own shows, Jack has worked as a music booker for local venues in the past. Please reach if you are looking for someone to handle music bookings for your venue, festival, or event.

Freelance Writer

Jack has a B.A. in Writing from the University of Washington, and is currently accepting work as a freelance writer (copywriting, marketing, interviews, articles, etc.)

Set Builder / Production

Jack is also a skilled carpenter and currently works as a set builder for Key City Players in Port Townsend, WA.