Jack Dwyer Band

The Jack Dwyer Band features the singing, songwriting, and instrumental talents of Northwest-based performer Jack Dwyer, accompanied by a rotating cast of some of the city’s finest musicians. Raised in an Alaskan family bluegrass band and seasoned on the stages of various New York City and Hudson Valley music clubs, Jack has found a new voice amidst the musical legacy of mid-20th century America. His group moves seamlessly through country classics, swing jazz, honky tonk blues, bluegrass, bouncy bayou-flavored gems, and original songs. Yet, though he may sometimes sound like he’s singing straight out of the 1940’s, make no mistake, Jack’s performances are not merely a period piece. Watch him yodel his way through the chorus of Hank Williams’ Long Gone Lonesome Blues–only to bust out his best Stevie Ray Vaughan chops on the solo–and you’ll find a performer who uses genre as a language rather than a rulebook. Jack’s wide musical vocabulary is liable to entertain even the most multilingual sort of listener, but his joyful ramblings are balanced by a keen sense of tradition and a deep love for the more “authentic” sounds favored by musical purists.