Jack Dwyer “Song-Slinger”

Jack Dwyer, song-slinger & strum-for-hire, hailing from the Pacific Northwest by way of states east & west and waaay up north, that “Bard of Ballard,” a Coyote In Love, and The Loneliest Cowboy, he sings like The Devil’s Lullaby, so Call Me Stan, and he’ll do you a tune under the moon, Til The Sun Comes Up, and Red Rosie Dawn with her pink dress on, comes to carry him away…

In his “Song-Slinger” set, Jack Dwyer brings his original music to the fore and weaves song and story together like the troubadours of old. Each show is a reckless car chase through the various hills and hollers of Americana, with time enough to gawk at all the strange sights and sounds along the way.

He can croon, holler, yodel, and he can sing the blues. He’ll pick you a guitar just about anyway you choose. Give it up for good old What’s-His-Name himself….