New Release: Radio Music Theater Vol. 1

And now, Radio Music Theater!

I am excited to announce the release of my latest album, a collection of musical short stories, entitled Radio Music Theater Vol. 1.

Track Listing:

1 Overture
2 The Mailbox Trilogy – A strange story about my neighbor, his lady, and the postman.
3 A Denver Omelet – A man wakes up to discover he has no idea who he his, where he is, or where he came from… an omelet ensues.
4 The Tree And The Bird – An old tree makes a new friend.
5 Exit

Available now for stream and download at:

Two New Releases, Introducing Radio Music Theater!

I am happy to announce the release of two new original recordings, “A Denver Omelet” and “The Mailbox Trilogy.” They are both hybrids of narrative and song, something I’ve decided to call: radio music theater.

A Denver Omelet

A man wakes up one morning to discover that he has no idea who he is. An omelet ensues… (And three songs for your listening pleasure!)

Available for stream and download at:

The Mailbox Trilogy

A completely true story about my neighbor, his lady, and the mailman… Features three original songs!

Available for stream and download at:

Stay tuned for more radio music theater Jack Dwyer originals!

Thanks for listening,

Music Update

Hey all,

Just wanted to share an update on my musical happenings here in quarantine.

Streaming Weekly Gigs

I’m still giving two weekly performances over at

Honky Tonk Tuesday
Country, Western, Swing, Blues and more!
Tuesdays at 7pm

Five String Feature
All for the love of banjo!
Wednesday at 7pm

No More Podcast For Now, But New Recordings On The Way!

Last week’s podcast will be the last one for a while. It’s been really fun to try and whip up a brand new set of music every week but I’ve decided to pull back from that and focus on quality over quantity. I’m planning to focus on my weekly streaming shows (and perhaps adding to the schedule). I’ll also be recording some new YouTube videos and posting those soon. Stay safe and stay tuned!

The Jack Dwyer Show

Starting this week, I’ll be broadcasting a weekly variety show from my house. Hear the first episode here:

Also, coming to a virtual sidewalk near you….

Sometime soon I’ll also be starting to experiment with some online “busking” as a way to practice and try out new repertoire. I’ll be announcing some of those here at my website.

Stay safe and stay tuned!

The Jack Dwyer Show: weekly podcast, plus live streaming concerts

Live Stream Concerts

Hey all,
I will now be performing online concerts! I was able to get my internet connection upgraded last week, which means that starting this week I’ll be streaming live online concerts through my YouTube channel. The shows will be live stream only and not available afterwards, so you’ll just have to tune in! All live streams will be announced in advance on my schedule page, and for starters, I’ll be streaming every Monday evening from 7 to 8pm. I have missed performing for you all so much these past weeks and I’m happy to be starting back up in whichever way I can!

Jack Dwyer Show Weekly Podcast

And in case you can’t make it to the online concerts, I’ll be putting together a weekly variety show podcast and releasing it on my YouTube channel. It’s actually something I’ve been curious about trying for a while, and well, there’s no time like the present! (Seriously though! What the heck is going on?! I hope you all are staying safe and sane out there!)

And I hope you’ll stay tuned by subscribing at:

My New Virtual Tip Jar

The future is very much in flux at the moment, and we’re all navigating this new reality day to day. However, I am going to make as much music as I can through all of this. If that is something you would like to support, you can drop a few 1’s (and 0’s?) into my virtual tip jar.

It doesn’t light up like my old one, but other than that, it works the same!

Bandcamp Album Downloads

Or if you’d prefer, all my albums are now available for download (including the new one I released in January) at:

I hope you’re all doing well out there. I’m very much looking forward to playing for you all in person sometime again sooner or later, but until then, I hope you enjoy these new experiments!