Fall Shows

Hey all – happy fall!

I’m sticking to the Peninsula this fall, so you’ll have some opportunities to catch me local.

I’m playing Second Sundays from 6 to 8pm in the Rook at the Castle in Port Townsend, and I’m playing Sunday afternoons with Bobby Winstead at the Anchor Pub on Water Street.

We’re doing another Honky Tonk on October 15th at the Hilltop Tavern, 8pm.

Keep an eye for other shows in and around Port Townsend, and check my schedule for all dates.

Spring 2022 Shows


Tune in here every Monday at 7pm for the Stream-Of-The-Week, a weekly live streaming show featuring original music and a variety of instruments and styles!

Live Shows

And I’ll be playing out a bit more again now that spring is on its way… see dates below!

Second Sundays at The Rook at Manresa Castle

Starting in February I’ll be performing every Second Sunday from 6 to 8pm at The Rook at Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, WA. Come by for a night of solo acoustic guitar music – originals and classics from flatpicking bluegrass, fingerpicking folk and blues, and points in between.

April 30th Honky Tonk At The Manresa Castle, 7-10pm

I’ll also be playing a honky tonk dance at Manresa Castle from 7 to 10pm on April 30th, with Cascade Country, featuring myself, Kian Dye on fiddle (Bellingham), Forrest Marowitz on bass (Seattle), Dave Meis on steel guitar, and Angie Tabor on drums. Yeehaw!

First and Third Wednesdays at the Keg and I Return in May

Starting in May, I’ll be performing once again, every first and third Wednesday of the month from 5 to 7pm at the Keg and I in Chimacum, WA, with a rotating cast of musical guests:

May 4th Jack Dwyer & Jonathan Doyle

May 18th Jack Dwyer & Sue Thompson

June 1st Jack Dwyer & Jere Canote

June 15th Jack Dwyer & Matt Sircely

Saturday April 16th at the Keg and I

In anticipation of my bi-monthly Wednesday return I’ll be playing a Saturday set at the Keg and I on April 16th from 4 to 6pm, with Bobby Winstead.

Check the calendar for more local 2022 dates, including Buskers On The Block, Port Townsend Farmers Market, PT Vineyards, Marrowstone Vineyards, with more dates coming!

Keg And I Schedule, thru Aug:

July 17 Saturday
Jack Dwyer & Sue Thompson
The Keg and I
Chimacum, WA

Aug 7 Saturday
Jack Dwyer & Jonathan Doyle
The Keg and I
Chimacum, WA

Aug 21 Saturday
Jack Dwyer & Phina Pipia
The Keg and I
Chimacum, WA

Last Stream (For Now)

Hey all,
May 20th will be my last weekly stream for a while. Thanks to everyone who has tuned in the past year! It has been pleasure to hold down the bandstand and play for you all during these strange times. Look forward to seeing you in 3D sometime soon. Keep an eye out for some spontaneous summer streams and maybe something regular again farther down the road. Also, I’ll be using my evenings to start work on some new albums. Join my mailing list if you’d like to hear about it all!

Music Update

Hey all,

Just wanted to share an update on my musical happenings here in quarantine.

Streaming Weekly Gigs

I’m still giving two weekly performances over at www.jackdwyer.com/live:

Honky Tonk Tuesday
Country, Western, Swing, Blues and more!
Tuesdays at 7pm

Five String Feature
All for the love of banjo!
Wednesday at 7pm

No More Podcast For Now, But New Recordings On The Way!

Last week’s podcast will be the last one for a while. It’s been really fun to try and whip up a brand new set of music every week but I’ve decided to pull back from that and focus on quality over quantity. I’m planning to focus on my weekly streaming shows (and perhaps adding to the schedule). I’ll also be recording some new YouTube videos and posting those soon. Stay safe and stay tuned!