Studio Albums:

Mama’s On The Dancefloor (2016)   (Listen/Download)  (CD)
The Rose City Sessions (2016)   (Listen/Download)  (CD)
The Brother Cousins (2016)    (Listen/Download)  (CD)
Mando Planet (2013)    (Listen/Download)  (CD)
Diamonds In The Sky EP (2013)   (Listen/Download)

Live Albums:

Live In Portland (2015)  (CD)  (Listen/Download)


Mastering Mandolin Vol 2:  Triad Chords (2015)   (Book/PDF)
Mastering Mandolin Vol 1:  The Major Scale (2015)   (Book/PDF)

Other Credited Work:

Guest harmony vocal on Rebekah Rolland:
Seed and Silo (2018)  (Download)

Guitar on Bobby Winstead:
When You’re Here For Christmastime
(2018)   (CD)  (Download)
Bobby Winstead & The Long Goodbyes (2017)  (CD)  (Download)

Mandolin on The Blackberry Bushes Stringband:
At The Break  (2012)   (CD)

Mandolin on The Dwyer Family Band:
The Dwyers  (2008)