Duo Collaborations

One of my favorite ways to perform is with a duo, and I’ve performed with many over the years including Mando Planet, and The Another Brothers.

Currently, I perform every Monday evening at the Keg and I in Chimacum, WA with a rotating cast of musical twosomes, and I frequently organize tours with various musical partners around the country. Here are some of my current collaborations:

Current Duo Collaborations

Jack Dwyer & Bobby Winstead – (videos) – Old-time, bluegrass, and classic country acoustic duets.

Jack Dwyer & Jonathan Doyle – Clarinet and electric guitar duets (and occasionally mandolin or banjo) featuring swing, classic country, jug band, fiddle tunes, and novelty tunes.

Jack Dwyer & Phina Pipia – (videos) – Banjo and Sousaphone (Tuba) duets featuring honky tonk, swing, and novelty tunes.

Jack Dwyer & Sue Thompson – Bluegrass and classic country duets with harmony singing a double guitar flatpicking, with occasional mandolin.