4.5 Stars for “When You’re Here For Christmastime” from Giant Killer Records

A good review for our first official release!

Bobby Winstead and Friends
When You’re Here For Christmastime


Bobby Winstead and Friends
When You’re Here For Christmastime
Giant Killer Records

4.5 Stars

“…Bobby Winstead and his friends provide us with some quality Christmas entertainment. The songs are well written and aimed at fans of those old-style Christmas LPs of yesteryear. This is a Christmas release but anyone who like, “real” country may well enjoy it. Hopefully in the future we can look forward to lots more Bobby Winstead albums.”

– Paul Riley CMP Magazine (p 48. Dec 2018 issue)

December at the Keg and I

This month at the Keg and I:

December 3rd – Bobby Winstead (Louisville, KY)

December 10th – Kian Dye (PDX, via Bainbridge Island)

December 17th – Jere Canote (PT)

December 24th – Jonathan Doyle (PT)

December 31st – N.Y.E. Matinee Countdown!  Bring in the new year early!

Mondays at the Keg and I

Mondays at the Keg and I are ongoing!

Was joined by Dirk Anderson on bass yesterday and I’ll be joined next Monday, June 25th, by Jonathan Doyle, a fabulous sax/clarinet player who has recently moved out to the Peninsula.  Come check us out!

Also, it’s worth mentioning, I think, that the Keg and I is fully air-conditioned, so a great place to be during this warmer weather we’re having lately!